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What does a Sex Therapist actually do?

There are few things in life we are less comfortable with talking about as our sex lives. A sex therapist creates a safe space to talk about everything you always wanted to know but were too afraid to ask. The most common question I get is “…is this normal?” Chances are they are very normal, they just have not had a chance to experience normalcy because most people are not in the habit of talking about it.

Sex Therapists are specially trained in analyzing and treating the complexity and layers of sexual concerns. They can additionally teach their clients to enhance and expand their current level of sexuality.

Sex is a complicated phenomenon, involving bodily functions, expectations, history of experiences, even some unconscious psychological messages and has enormous power to affect our self-image. Multiply that complexity by two (or more) people interacting and now we have multiple variables that can interact in unforeseen ways. Don’t believe anyone who tells you sex should be simple, there is nothing simple about it.

Most people grew up with inadequate sex education and sex therapists will spend a fair amount of time re-educating their clients about the specifics of their particular concern.

A sex therapist will diagnose the concern and suggest an appropriate level of clinical intervention. They have knowledge about when to refer clients to doctors, physiotherapists, assistive devices and other resources that can assist them reach their therapeutic goals.

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