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What happens at a Sex Therapist appointment?

A Sex Therapist works largely just like any other therapist. You can expect to fill out a form about confidentiality called Informed Concent and some other background information.
Many clients like to take time in advance to explain about their particular concern, usually asking if it falls within the spectrum of sex therapy. If your concern is about sex, sexual function or sexual concern, chances are a Sex Therapist can help. In most cases a Sex Therapist will work with both members of the couple if the client is in a sexual relationship.

A Sex Therapist is bound by the same ethical rules as other therapists about confidentiality, boundaries with clients and maintaining a professional relationship. There is no touch or sexual activity that occurs at a Sex Therapist office. There is no removal of clothes or inspection or manipulation of body parts.

There is a lot of re-education about sex and how our bodies function. There will likely be correction of misconceptions about sex, messages we have picked up during our upbringing will be identified and sometimes modified. There will be extensive information and sexual history gathering. A Sex Therapist may assign homework, books, recommend assistive devices, referrals to other professionals and do trauma recovery.

Sex Therapists are trained to talk to people about sex.  They will do so in a clinical and respectful manner using appropriate language. It’s a lot easier to talk to a Sex Therapist than you would expect, after all, we want to help you get your sexy on.

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