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Female Orgasmic Disorder

Are you or your partner unable to orgasm? Well you are not alone! Although research has had a very hard time gathering reliable statistics on this pervasive issue it is considered to be somewhere between 10%-70% of all females depending on how you define sex.
It is interesting to note that only 20% of females claim to be able to climax during intercourse and when men are asked they claim about 80% of their partners where able to climax during intercourse. Clearly, there is a major misconception regarding this important physiological function going on.
In fact 100% of females are able to reach an orgasm and even multiple orgasms. How is it possible that so few have mastered the art? Most women are not taught how to masturbate, women get the societal message that its “bad” or “slutty” to have a sex drive and be interested in learning how to masturbate. This is unfortunate as research clearly shows women who learn how to masturbate are much more likely to be able to orgasm during sex and/or intercourse.
Many women struggle with a concept called “Observer Syndrome”. That concept refers to the tendency to focus on how you look during sex, if your partner is enjoying themselves or what chores need to be done, rather than the pleasure of sex. A Sex Therapist can assist you to work through the observer syndrome, teach you effective methods to masturbate and techniques to increase your ability to reach orgasm during sexual activity.

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