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Does penis size matter? Only in your mind…..

There are few questions that come with as much speculation and different answers as questions about the importance of the size of the male penis. Let’s look at the matter in closer detail and discuss it as it relates to a man’s ability to promote female orgasm.

According to research, only about 30% of women are able to achieve orgasm through intercourse. In fact most women are able to achieve orgasm much easier by means of more direct clitoral manipulation. That statistic greatly de-emphasizes the reliance of penis needed to assist in bringing a woman in orgasm.

If we look at the mechanics of the physical body of a female the clitoris is placed outside of the vulva and in actual technical terms it’s actually the rubbing of the male pubic bone to the clitoris that brings about an orgasm for a woman during intercourse (in the coital alignment position, that is widely considered the most favorable position for women to achieve orgasm during intercourse).

On average women need about 12-15 minutes of direct clitoral stimulation to reach an orgasm. Again, penis size here is an irrelevant factor (unless the penis is too large and causes pain by pressing too hard on the cervix during thrusting).

So if penis size is so unimportant, what is all the fuss about? Well, for some women seeing a larger penis can be a turn on just like some men are turned on by big breasts. Additionally men with a large penis tend to be more confident and that is a huge advantage in attracting a mate.
Bottom line here is, it’s all in the mind!

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