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Sex Hormones, are you deficient?

Did you know that Bio-identical Sex Hormone Replacement Therapy is healthy?  Not only does not cause cancer but also has great cardiovascular effects on your body beyond just the improvement on your sex life?

For unknown reasons naturally occurring testosterone is decreasing with each generation with both genders. Testosterone also decreases with age naturally for both men and women. This is the hormone most directly linked to sex drive for both genders.

So how is it so many people think their levels are normal when in fact they are inadequate for a good sex drive? The answer is the way medical Doctors are trained does not go into details about what is required.  As long as you fall within the normal curve, your level is considered normal. Additionally, 90% of medical Doctors practice the way they were taught when they studied and have not kept up with emerging trends.

So what is considered normal? For men levels from 250 to 1100 nanograms per deciliter is considered normal.  For women 15 to 90 nanograms per deciliter. In reality most men struggle with erectile disorder and a lack of sex drive with levels below 500.  Many women struggle with a lack of sex drive and even anorgasmia with levels below 40.

What should you do? Get to know your values and if you are below average and you are experiencing difficulties, consult with a hormone specialist in your area. When it comes to hormones, a little boost goes a long way and you don’t have to accept deficiencies. Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is safe and effective way to address lack of sexual desire and associated performance issues. Come see me for more information.

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