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The practical role of Progesterone

Females have naturally occurring progesterone hormones in our bodies during fertility years.  You may be wrong in assuming your body always produces the optimal amount of progesterone at any given time.

Did you know that a lack of progesterone can cause severe premenstrual syndrome? In fact many women have found great relief in combining progesterone cream and calcium supplements the week before their period.

You may be of the belief that with a balanced diet your body should produce enough hormones but it is not necessarily so. Why else would pregnant women be advised to take prenatal vitamins?

But what exactly is progesterone responsible for? Its responsible for a good and balanced mood, improved sleep and many other functions.

Did you know that many miscarries are caused by insufficient progesterone? If you have had a miscarriage or repeated miscarriages you definitely should try progesterone supplements. You can get a mild cream over the counter or consult with a fertility or a hormone specialist.

Endometriosis is yet another unwelcome condition that is best treated with progesterone. The balance of estrogen and progesterone that keeps your body healthy and your uterine lining in check.

Did you know that normal levels of progesterone are around 20 and during pregnancy your level can go up to 800. When you give birth your level plummets back to 0 and its this dramatic fall of progesterone that is largely responsible for post-partum depression. This can be mitigated with a heavy dose of Progesterone at the onset of symptoms.  Then tapered off as your body’s ability to produce progesterone rises again.

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