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Transgender in closeup

Did you know that there are over 20 different chromosome differences that can lead a person to feel they are in the wrong body? Did you know that infants can now have their brains scanned and determined if they are male or female brain independent of their assigned gender? Did you know a lot of transgender people realize they are in the wrong body before the age of 5? Did you know that many transgender people attempt to mutilate their genitals to become more like they would like to be? Did you know up to about 40% of transgender people are so depressed about their bodies and general intolerance of society they become suicidal? Did you know many of them get killed just for being transgendered?

In clinical terms the condition is called Gender Dysphoria. One of the reasons WPATH guidelines still stress the importance of psychotherapy and letters before treatment with hormones or by surgeries is that there are other conditions that can present as gender dysphoria such as Body Dysmorphia and various psychological defense mechanisms following sexual assaults, rape and incest that can manifest and gender dysphoria.
In society we notice transgender women much more so than transgender men. The reason for this is that testosterone treatment is much more effective and they are able to pass much more easily. Transgender women tend to be tall and in some instances its difficult to fully feminize their voice and so they have a harder time passing.
If you ever wondered what it would be like to be transgender, close your eyes for a minute and imagine what you would feel like with the opposite genitals. Not such a pleasant thought now is it?

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