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Why Circumcision?

In north America most people don’t question circumcision. It is accepted as proper and mainstream procedure and look of a penis. Despite research now showing no necessity for it, medical or otherwise. Where did this custom come from and what was its purpose? Circumcision was implemented during the Victorian era to combat masturbation that was considered sinful and morally wrong. At this time most people have realized masturbation is neither sinful or immoral.  Masturbation is an accepted practice of self stimulation for both genders.

More disturbingly circumcision was performed on infants without any numbing up until the nineteen century.  Infants were thought to not experience pain! The medical profession has defended the practice for decades as a means of avoiding sexually transmitted illnesses and improving cleanliness. These arguments have now been disproved but circumcision is still mainstream.

Before you snip

Think about this, as much as men worry about their penis, the first thing mothers are doing is having the foreskin removed, why? Because mothers have been socialized to think it’s a better look! Please, at the very least, do the research before making this decision for your son, it’s a human right not to be altered without consent.

There is a small but growing awareness that circumcision is really a mid-evil custom. There is an organization called Intact America, become a part of the enlightenment. A man can never been made whole again and many circumcisions are botched. Its not customary in Europe to circumcise and yet European mothers appear to be able to teach their sons appropriate hygiene. There is growing evidence circumcision is not beneficial for intercourse as it forces the need for longer thrust without the foreskin. This ultimately leads to less stimulation of the clitoris and desensitization of the head of the penis.  My question is, what is to be gained then?

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