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Want results in the gym?

It’s a known fact that hormone production decrease with age. This causes changes within the body in health, decreased sex drive and reduced muscle production.

Hormone replacement therapy has a poor reputation. This is because the use of illegal steroids and synthetic Testosterone. Did you know that you can purchase bio-identical testosterone legally and safely? Did you know it has no bad side effects (unless you are trying to conceive, it can lower sperm production in high doses)?

Did you know Testosterone lowers anxiety, builds confidence and is very helpful in reversing the effects of erectile disfunction? Did you know it can help you lose weight, build muscle and endurance? Did you know testosterone lowers your cholesterol and improves your cardiovascular health?

Did you know Testosterone is not just for men? Because of gender specific differences in the production of testosterone most women have lost over 60% of their production by the age of 50. Its almost impossible to see results in the gym with that kind of hormonal status, especially following menopause. Hormone therapy can help, have your hormone levels evaluated and see if you are a candidate for hormonal supplements. Hormones have the power to change your life in a way very few other things can.

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