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Want results in the gym?

It’s a known fact that hormone production decrease with age. This causes changes within the body in health, decreased sex drive and reduced muscle production.

Hormone replacement therapy has a poor reputation. This is because the use of illegal steroids and synthetic Testosterone. Did you know that you can purchase bio-identical testosterone legally and safely? Did you know it has no bad side effects (unless you are trying to conceive, it can lower sperm production in high doses)?

Did you know Testosterone lowers anxiety, builds confidence and is very helpful in reversing the effects of erectile disfunction? Did you know it can help you lose weight, build muscle and endurance? Did you know testosterone lowers your cholesterol and improves your cardiovascular health?

Did you know Testosterone is not just for men? Because of gender specific differences in the production of testosterone most women have lost over 60% of their production by the age of 50. Its almost impossible to see results in the gym with that kind of hormonal status, especially following menopause. Hormone therapy can help, have your hormone levels evaluated and see if you are a candidate for hormonal supplements. Hormones have the power to change your life in a way very few other things can.

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Why Circumcision?

In north America most people don’t question circumcision. It is accepted as proper and mainstream look of a penis. Despite research now showing no necessity for it, medical or otherwise. Where did this custom come from and what was its purpose? Circumcision was implemented during the Victorian era to combat masturbation that was considered sinful and morally wrong. At this time most people have realized masturbation is neither and masturbation is an accepted practice for both genders.
More disturbingly circumcision was performed on infants without any numbing up until the nineteens, as infants were thought to not experience pain! The medical profession has defended the practice for decades as a means of avoiding sexually transmitted illnesses and improving cleanliness. These arguments have now been disproved but circumcision is still mainstream.
Think about this, as much as men worry about their penis, the first thing mothers are doing is having the foreskin removed, why? Because mothers have been socialized to think it’s a better look! Please, at the very least, do the research before making this decision for your son, it’s a human right not to be altered without consent.
There is a small but growing awareness that circumcision is really a mid-evil custom. There is an organization called Intact America, become a part of the enlightenment. A man can never been made whole again and many circumcisions are botched. Its not customary in Europe to circumcise and yet European mothers appear to be able to teach their son appropriate hygiene. There is growing evidence circumcision is not beneficial for intercourse as it forces the need for longer thrust without the foreskin. My question is, what is to be gained then?

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The Problem with Porn

My problem with porn is not religious or ethical. I realize it portrays unrealistic, objectification of females and violence. Most porn is produced by men for men and there within lies the problem.
My problem with porn is it has become the most widespread sex education we have. That would be ok if it showed real people making passionate love but it does not because that does not produce good camera angles. The sex men are learning from porn is actually how to make sex look good, not how to please their partner.
I have yet to met a woman who can tell me she enjoys a facial, yet that is the big money shot. During candid conversation women make fun of the “rapid rider”, yet he shows up in the pornos along with “the plunger” whose main goal appears to be to hitting the cervix. In western culture men are apt to lift the women’s legs up while in a missionary position and thereby reducing her ability to move with her partner and maneuver her clitoris so that she can orgasm. That is truly the definition of sex for men.
Anal sex is another version of sex for men. Woman’s clitoris is not at all engaged in that position and all the emphasis is on a tight squeeze for the men. Yes, there are women who have learned to like it and couples who have found a way to stimulate the clitoris so it becomes a pleasurable activity for the women as well but not many.

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Transgender in closeup

Did you know that there are over 20 different chromosome differences that can lead a person to feel they are in the wrong body? Did you know that infants can now have their brains scanned and determined if they are male or female brain independent of their assigned gender? Did you know a lot of transgender people realize they are in the wrong body before the age of 5? Did you know that many transgender people attempt to mutilate their genitals to become more like they would like to be? Did you know up to about 40% of transgender people are so depressed about their bodies and general intolerance of society they become suicidal? Did you know many of them get killed just for being transgendered?
In clinical terms the condition is called Gender Dysphoria. One of the reasons WPATH guidelines still stress the importance of psychotherapy and letters before treatment with hormones or by surgeries is that there are other conditions that can present as gender dysphoria such as Body Dysmorphia and various psychological defense mechanisms following sexual assaults, rape and incest that can manifest and gender dysphoria.
In society we notice transgender women much more so than transgender men. The reason for this is that testosterone treatment is much more effective and they are able to pass much more easily. Transgender women tend to be tall and in some instances its difficult to fully feminize their voice and so they have a harder time passing.
If you ever wondered what it would be like to be transgender, close your eyes for a minute and imagine what you would feel like with the opposite genitals. Not such a pleasant thought now is it?

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The practical role of Progesterone

We all know we have naturally occurring hormones in our body’s but you may be wrong in assuming your body always produces the amount you need at any given time.
Did you know that a lack of progesterone can cause severe premenstrual syndrome? In fact many women have found great relief in combining progesterone cream and calcium supplements the week before their period.
You may be of the belief that with a balanced diet your body should produce everything you need but it is not necessarily so. Why else would pregnant women be advised to take prenatal vitamins?
But what exactly is progesterone responsible for? Its responsible for a good and balanced mood, improved sleep and many other functions.
Did you know that many miscarries are caused by insufficient progesterone? If you have had a miscarriage or repeated miscarriages you definitely should try progesterone supplements. You can get a mild cream over the counter, consult with a fertility specialist or a hormone specialist.
Endometriosis is yet another unwelcome condition that is best treated with progesterone. The balance of estrogen and progesterone that keeps your body healthy and your uterine lining in check.
Did you know that normal levels of progesterone are around 20 and during pregnancy your level can go up to 800. When you give birth your level plummets back to 0 and its this dramatic fall of progesterone that is largely responsible for post-partum depression. This can be mitigated with a heavy dose of Progesterone at the onset of symptoms and then tapered off as your body’s ability to produce progesterone rises again.